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Natural  -  Soothing -  Healing
Unscented * No preservatives  *  Non-Greasy

Pure white non-greasy formula blends in quickly with no residue, to
moisturize and soften skin in just moments :
This cream does "wonders" for callouses and dry rough skin :
soothes sunburn & and other skin irritations.
Unscented and preservative free,
safe for sensitive skin.

Essential oils added on request;
ie.  Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree.

Available sizes & price :

1oz - $4.00    :     2oz - $8.00    :    4oz - $12.00


cream with CBD isolate added ( 99.99% pure ):

125mg :    1oz - $10.00    :    2oz - $20.00    :    4oz - $30.00
250mg :    1oz - $15.00    :    2oz - $30.00    :    4oz - $45.00
500mg :    1oz -  $20.00    :    2oz - $40.00    :    4oz - $60.00
1000mg :   1oz -  $30.00    :    2oz - $60.00    :    4oz - $90.00

         W/essential oil, add :
            $2.00       *         $4.00       *      $5.00


Shipping by lowest flat-rate available for package size:

Hand made in the Rockies,
with all natural ingredients, in
Small controlled batches of
Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Gel,
& Glycerin
(with Boric & Stearic acid binders)

CBD isolate, when added, is
reconstituted in
natural  Arnica oil

Accept most major Credit Cards :
Flat rate shipping charges
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Therapeutic uses include :

*  Arthritis  *  Acne  *  Anxiety  *  Pain  *   Stress  *
*  Inflammation  *    Motion Sickness  *  Rheumatism  *
*    Migraine  *  Neuropathy  *   Sleep disorders *
Available with or without CBD oil
for its natural pain-relieving benefit

CBD Benefits

CBD occurs naturally in the hemp plant,
which has been used for thousands of years
for its health and medicinal benefits.
It is a plant derivative and contains no THC,
therefore it is non-psychoactive.  

The active CBD in this "Wonder Cream" is 99% pure isolate powder,
reconstituted in Arnica oil ( from Montana sunflowers).  
Topical use relieves pain from a variety of causes:
rheumatoid  arthritis, fibromyalgia, injury and muscle strain.
It calms rash and inflammation of skin disorders such as eczema,
relieves bug bites and ivy rash, then helps to heal the skin.
CBD-infused topical lotions, creams and oils have become popular
because they are applied directly to the skin and are non-psychoactive.
They are a great choice for those who need relief throughout the day
with no medication side effects.

Individual references available on request:
To date, each user has experienced relief from pain and discomfort.
Current user needs range from minor aches, discomfort & muscle strain,
to extreme pain of injury, arthritis & neuropathy.  
Recommended CBD strength varies based on individual need.